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Monday, October 19, 2009

Ride to Johnstown PA 10/19/09

Here are a few pics of my bike from todays ride to Johnstown PA. 85 miles total roundtrip on Rt.30 and 271. It was a bit chilly but still fun. These roads are great and I highly recommend if you come to western pennsylvania to ride them.  Lots of curves and awesome scenery!

LInks to SV Tests and Reviews

I put this list together for anyone who is currently looking to buy a SV or is looking to switch from 650 to 1000 or vice versa. Hope it is helpful!

SV1000s and SV1000

SV650s and SV650

Didn't like my suspension Adjustment

After I adjusted the preload tonight I noticed that is was too stiff and the ride height was to high. This caused some very slow handling characteristics. I will be changing that back to notch four tomorrow before I go on a ride with my girlfriend to take autumn photos.

Sunday, October 18, 2009


I have had my bike for about two weeks now and I am going to attempt to fine tune my suspension. Tonight I started by adjusting my front fork preload. Factory setting was on 6 according to the owners manual. It was on notch 4. I'm a bigger guy 235lbs, and front suspensions on almost all sportbikes feel soft to me. So, I adjusted it to notch 3 in hopes of having a firmer feeling front end. It was not to bad how it was but I think this will improve the overall feel of the bike without spending any extra money. Next week I will adjust the rear shock.

SV1000 dropped from Suzuki Line-up

Here is a quote I found online from Sport rider Magazine. Now I guess if we want to buy a new liter class suzuki we are going to have to buy a GSXR. I'm not to happy about that. Not everyone likes or needs an i-four sportbike. I would rather have street-ability than high hp numbers.
“Suzuki’s SV1000 will be dropped from next year’s product lineup, and ‘there’s a good chance the 650 will be discontinued. We don’t have a motorcycle that fits in. I think two of my counterparts don’t have motorcycles that fit.’” - American Suzuki Vice President Mel Harris (Sport Rider magazine, July 2008)


I have been a member of this site for about two years and just wanted to say that it is an awesome site for any owner of an SV. They have everything here. Bike builds,Tech sections,Model specific,SV of the month, and even classifieds. The guys on this forum are very informative and friendly. Most are willing to just about anything to help you. One post even has members giving away parts if you post parts you wanna give away. Check it out

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Dale Walkers Holeshot Performance

I have recently been hearing a lot about Dale Walkers Holeshot Performance products from customers at the dealership I work at. I have finally visited the website and found that they have a wide variety of new and innovative products for the SV/DL line of motorcycles. They even have a fuel management system for the sv650/1000 that allows you to adjust your fuel/air ratio. It is not a remapping tool, but according to them you can get almost perfect fuel air ratio with it with proper dyno testing. They even include Dales personal settings that were dyno tested. I have also heard the pipes that they sell on a V-Strom1000 and I must say they sound awesome. Check out their site

This video pretty much sums up my feelings on the new Suzuki Gladius

I think Suzuki made a big mistake with this model. They took away a cult bike. The SV650N was an awesome track weapon, as well as a great beginners model, great everyday commuter, and great all around streetbike. The styling I think is hideous and it doesn't even feel like you are riding a true sportbike. 

Current and Future Mods

-Jardine Slip-ons
-K&N Filter
-Steel Braided brake lines
-Suzuki Gel Seat

Future Mods
-Power commander V
-Tank Risers
- Possible Full Fairings
-Possible GSXR front end swap

Any other suggestions?

Friday, October 16, 2009

My First SV

I have been obsessing over the Suzuki SV series for the past three years and now I have finally bought one. It is a 2004 SV1000s. I bought it at Barkley Motorsports where I work. I had been eying it up for months, and finally just threw all the cash I had together to get it and bought my dream bike. :)
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